Ways of motivating your employees


As an employer, you need employees to succeed. Your company or business cannot go far without the effort of employees. You carry the idea, but you cannot actualize it by yourself. You will need an accountant, a purchasing officer, guards, cleaners, chefs by your side to succeed. Wise employers treat their employee’s right. It is the only secret to success. Do not be too lined but be a good boss. Employee motivation is among the things that take your business to another level of success. You might be wondering how do I motivate my employees. Read on for ideas on how to keep your employees motivated.

Pay them well

meetingThis is the first and important way to motivate employees. The thought of some good money will be reflecting in my account give employees the motivation to wake up, come to work and perform. This will not be the case if you only give peanuts. Did you know that employees somehow know how much profits you make as a company? The accountants you are using are part of the employees. Through company grapevine, they will tell others how much the company is making.  If the employees feel that you are paying them little compared to your income, they will become lazy and start looking for greener pastures.

Recognize work well done

At times employees are required to meet deadlines or work on specific projects. When work is done, it is important to recognize those who did well and met deadlines.  You can give them company t-shirts, wristbands, mugs, etc. it is the small gestures which go a long way. If you had sent an employee to represent your company at a conference and they did well, call a meeting and congratulate them in front of everyone. They will feel motivated even to perform better next time.

Leaves and off days

handshake, congratulateWhen your employees are faced with situations which need them to be away from the job, it is only fair to permit them. Yes, they must follow the required right procedures for permission to be granted, for example, some companies require you to write a letter to the human resource days before. But what happens in case of emergencies? The main point is as long as the situation is genuine and requires the employee’s firsthand attention, permit them to take care of it. Letting them stay will not make a difference because their minds will be away all day hence poor work.